2 days Classic Inca Trail to Machu Pichu



The Inca Trail is walked every year by literally thousands of tourists and consists of only a small portion of the entire Inca Trail which incorporates a network of over 14 thousand kilometers (8,700 miles) through South America and is possibly one of the most impressive treks worldwide.The 2 Day trail starts a little bit further on the track knowing at km. 104. near the Urubamba river and is ideal for those tourists who lack time or just dont want to walk for 4 days. Altough it are only 2 days you will see 3 impressive ruins and the famous Sun Gate, have a spectacular view of Machu Pichu from above and walk on a original Inca Path.

Day 1

You will be picked up at your hotel early in the morning (one of our guides will visit you the night before at 19:00 for a short briefing of what to expect, what to bring and the time you will be picked up) after which we will travel in bus to Ollanta or Poroy (depending train availability) passing through little villages like Chinchero and Urubamba. Then we will take the train to kilometer 104 from which point we will start this short version of the Inca Trail. We will start our hike near the river Urubamba. Our guide will take care of your registration at the control post and we start walking towards a small Inca ruin called Chachabamba, which is considered a Machu Pichu outpost and control gate before the Inca messangers reached Machu Pichu. We then will continue for about 3 more hours, walking trough a forest untill we reach open fields of grass where we will have our lunch.After lunch we will continue walking on a mostly descending path while passing a lovely waterfall untill we reach the most impressive ruins of today called Wiñay Wayna. Here we will have a guided tour with our English speaking guide and there is some time to rest. Wiñay Wayna (what in Quechua means “forever young”) is an Inca ruin built into a steep hillside overlooking the Urubamba River. The site consists of upper and lower housing complexes which are connected by staircases and irrigation systems. Above and below the houses the people built areas of agricultural terraces, which are still visible.We then will continue our trail. It is an easy hike, following a broad level path which passes through a light cloud forest. Colorful butterflies flutter across the trail. After no more than an hour or two, the trail comes to a narrow flight of stone steps leading upwards into a small stone structure with a grass floor a few meters square. This is Intipunku, the Sun Gate., and through the rectangular doorway, you can have a spectacular view of the ruins of Machu Picchu.Because of the lack of time we will leave the visit of the Machu Pichu ruins for the next day. We will descend to Aguas Calientes on foot and rest in a basic 2 star hostel.

Day 2

We will get up early (around 4:30) and start hiking towards Machu Pichu on an old Inca Trail, which will take is in about 2 hours towards the entry gate of Machu Pichu. In case you are too tired it is possible to go in bus (17 USD two way ticket). In Machu Pichu we will have a 2 hour guided tour that covers almost the entire Inca complex. We will pass through the urban / city area of the site and then visit the typical Inca terraces that were used for agrictultural purposes. Finally we will visit the Sacred and religious section of Machu Pichu where we can see the famous solar dial / solar clock or also called Sun Clock. After the guided tour you are free and if desired you could climb the mountain peak overlooking Machu Picchu, which is called Huayna Pichu. From here you have a spectacular view over the entire Inca site. Due to recent safety regulations it is no longer possible the climb the Huayna Pichu without a special entree ticket. Nowadays the only allow t small groups of 300 people to climb the peak at 08:00 a.m. and another group at 10:00. Because of the fact that this is a very popular attraction it is necessary to indicate already during the booking of this tour – indicating you desire to include the Huayna Pichu or not.After our Two Day Inca Trail including Machu Pichu we will take the train back of 19:00 (7 p.m.) towards Ollanta / Poroy and from there in bus back to Cusco. It is possible to take an earlier train or more luxurious trains if so desired (Extra cost depending the train / time schedule and service).In Cusco we will leave you at the Plaza de Armas (main square) from where you can go back to your hotel.

Additional info


  • Pick up from hotel
  • Bus Cusco – Ollanta – Cusco
  • Entrance Trail and Machu Pichu
  • Camping Equipment (tent, matrass) 
  • Porters for the camping equipment  tips for the guide meals (1 x breakfast, 1 x lunch, 1 x dinner)
  • English oficial guide   Emergency kit (and oxygen)
  • Traintickets Ollanta – KM104 / Aguas Calientes – Ollanta
  • Water supply
  • Briefing the day before start trail


  • Lunch en Dinner in Machu Pichu (day 2)
  • Breakfast day 1 (at your hotel)
  • Bus Machu Pichu to A. Calientes Optional
  • Hotsprings if desired (4 usd)